November 07, 2016

'Awesome Woman' to lead the Tetley Super Teas range

To highlight the difference of this pioneering range, Tetley has taken a unique approach with its new ad as a part of its biggest marketing drive yet

In its biggest marketing drive yet, outside black tea, Tetley announced a £5 million campaign to support its pioneering range of Tetley Super Teas.

Tetley's range of Super Teas were the first teas to be launched in the UK with functional health benefits and carry European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) approved health claims. The superior taste of the teas from its use of natural flavours and the benefit of added vitamins has struck a chord with health conscious shoppers, with over 1 million shoppers delivering sales of £3.3 million since launch.

To highlight the difference of this range, Tetley has taken a different approach with its new ad introducing a new character ‘Awesome Woman’, who with a mix of super hero adventures explores the health benefits of the range. “The importance of this NPD meant we required a new approach from us to stir up excitement. The fit of Tetley Super Teas with super heroes was a logical step and the appeal of super hero characters in popular culture has created a good backdrop for Awesome Woman who features in our new ads; the result is a mini blockbuster of an ad with a strong stand out. There has been a good level of success with our Supers range so far, so our mission now is to extend the appeal of the products and encourage shoppers to explore what the range of Super teas offers,” says Alex Snowden senior brand manager for innovation at Tetley.

Sales of healthy teas have remained strong in the UK with green teas up 7.9 percent and fruit and herbal up 2.1 percent*. The success of Tetley Super Green range in particular has resulted in Product of The Year 2016 and elevated Tetley to be the nation’s favourite green tea brand**.

Beginning with an outdoor campaign followed by an initial 4-week burst of TV exposure early November, the television campaign will be underpinned by heavy weight multimedia activity. At the same time a targeted sampling campaign will circulate 700,000 samples with a discount coupon. A further burst of activity is scheduled for the New Year.

      In store, the campaign will be reinforced with in store visibility, targeted shopper sampling and online advertising on key customer sites.

* AC Nielsen data
** TNS Product of The Year 2016 in the green tea category. Kantar WorldPanel Penetration percent Green Tea Segment 52we 14.8.16

Tetley Super Green teas have been recognised in the Great Taste Awards: Tetley Super Green Lime (2015); Tetley Super Green Heart Forest Fruits (2016)