Tata Communications

Tata Communications is a leading global provider of communications solutions with a strong UK and European presence

Tata Communications has over 300 employees in 13 offices including a Global Development Centre in Luxembourg. With almost 1,000 customers, Europe accounts for over 20 percent of Tata Communications’ revenues. Its leading customers include some of the world’s largest financial institutions, benefiting from a full suite of communications solutions, from traditional voice and transmission to connectivity and managed services, including Telepresence. 

The UK is Tata Communications largest market in Europe, where it serves 25 percent of FTSE 100 companies. It has five offices, three data centres, and a key cable landing station in Somerset, which connects Europe’s submarine cable systems to the US and Africa. Tata Communications employs 165 people in the UK at its London headquarters and data centres in London, Somerset and Yorkshire. 

In February 2008, Tata Communications brought together the industry and market expertise of VSNL, VSNL International, Teleglobe, Tata Indicom Enterprise Business Unit, VGSL and Cipris, to become a leading integrated provider of telecommunications solutions.